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Astoria, NY Wage and Labor Law Business Defense Lawyers

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Wage & Labor Law Lawyers – Astoria, NY

Does it seem to you that business owners like yourself are under siege for alleged violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act? It’s not your imagination. In the United States, the number of lawsuits filed against businesses for wage and hour violations has risen over 400 percent in the last 15 years. New York business owners have been subjected to a particularly high number of these lawsuits. If you are currently facing such a suit, or need legal counsel on how to protect yourself against a lawsuit in the future, the lawyers at Ortiz & Ortiz, LLC can help.

We have aggressively and successfully defended business owners in the five boroughs in a wide range of wage and labor law related lawsuits. We have also helped numerous businesses take the steps necessary to dramatically reduce or even eliminate their exposure to lawsuits and improve their leverage during negotiations.

Our firm’s size and personal approach has proven particularly helpful to our clients in this complex area of the law. We are able to spend all the time necessary to understand the unique nature of your business and the potential threats you face. And, by limiting our caseload, we can devote all the time and resources necessary to seeing your case through to a successful outcome.

We can aggressively negotiate or litigate on your behalf in disputes arising from all of the following and more:

  • Misclassifying employees as exempt from being paid for working overtime
  • Misclassifying workers as independent contractors
  • Failing to pay employees classified as exempt on a salary basis
  • Unpaid rest and meal breaks
  • Failing to pay minimum wage
  • Improper tipping and service charge practices

Ortiz & Ortiz Can Help

If you need legal counsel for your small business, we can help you. The attorneys at Ortiz & Ortiz, LLP have the knowledge and expertise needed to offer you comprehensive help, no matter what your size or situation. For over fifty years our legal team has helped small and commercial businesses take on their legal issues.

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