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GOING TO COURT COSTS MONEY AND TAKES TIME: Pass Down Some or All of Your Property Without a Will

You’re smart and responsible: you worked your entire life and will have money and property to pass to your loved ones. You have made the right decision to plan for your passing and ensure your money is handled properly. The process of documenting who gets your money and your property is often done by creating a will or trust. But did you know that many types of property and money can be passed to your loved ones immediately upon your…

It’s Never Too Early to Write Your Will

In the summer of 2016, my 68 year old uncle asked me about creating his will. He was concerned about what would happen to my minor cousin. Without any planning, my cousin wouldn’t receive anything when my uncle passed. If you die without a will, your state law determines who gets your money and your property. The law only recognizes your blood relatives. My uncle was worried because he had raised my cousin since she was an infant, but she…