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GOING TO COURT COSTS MONEY AND TAKES TIME: Pass Down Some or All of Your Property Without a Will

You’re smart and responsible: you worked your entire life and will have money and property to pass to your loved ones. You have made the right decision to plan for your passing and ensure your money is handled properly. The process of documenting who gets your money and your property is often done by creating a will or trust. But did you know that many types of property and money can be passed to your loved ones immediately upon your…

New 2020 Small Business Bankruptcy Law is a Real Game Changer

Three Reasons Why the New 2020 Small Business Bankruptcy Law is a Real Game Changer and Gives Much Needed Relief to Small Businesses By Norma Ortiz: Filing a bankruptcy case has long been used by businesses to stop creditor actions and give them the opportunity to reduce and restructure their debt. Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases have been the only option for businesses that want to keep operating. In most instances, Chapter 11 cases rely on the use of a payment…

5 Things NYC Employers Need to Know

Wage theft describes an employer’s failure to pay employees the full amount of wages they should receive under the law. Wage theft can take many forms, including failing to pay minimum wage, failing to pay time-and-a-half when an employee works more than 40 hours in a week, denying employees meal breaks, taking illegal deductions from pay, failing to maintain proper records, and failing to provide pay stubs.  Other common violations include improperly taking tips and treating workers as independent contractors…

How To Make Millions Off Your Unpaid Debt

Every world has the good, the bad, and the ugly.  This includes the financial world.  This week we share Paper Boys, a Wolf of Wallstreet style article written by Jake Halpern about the dark, lucrative world of consumer debt collection.  This article is about two hustlers who make millions of dollars off debt from people like you. – Not long after getting out of prison, Wilson took a job as a debt collector. He proved quite good at it, and…