Business and Commercial Law
We help small businesses with the day-to-day legal issues they face, as well as help them plan and protect themselves to facilitate growth and success.

Wills, Trusts and Inheritances
We passionately believe that we owe it to our loved ones to make sure we leave our affairs in order before we pass, so that our loss is easier for them to handle and they don’t lose wealth because of poor planning.

Real Estate, Real Estate Litigation, and Loan Modifications
We help our clients with a host of real estate related matters, including the purchase and sale of property, disputes over property, and mortgage loan modifications. One of our partners is the real estate broker for Valor Realty Group, LLC, who can help with your real estate sales or purchases as well.

Wage and Labor Law Defense of Businesses
We defend business owners from employee wage claims, and help to protect them from such claims by complying with state and federal laws.

Business and Personal Bankruptcy and Debt Resolution
We have over 25 years of commercial and consumer bankruptcy experience in a wide variety of areas. We represent debtors, creditors, receivers and other parties in Chapter 11, 13, and 7 cases. We also help businesses resolve debt problems and disputes without the use of bankruptcy.

Divorce and Family Law
As a small family-owned firm, we closely monitor our cases to provide the personal attention and care you deserve and should expect from your legal advisor. Our mastery of the law, experience, and broad array of services ensure you will receive the level of representation you would expect from a much larger firm. Many of our clients come to us based upon the recommendations of the friends and family of clients we have served in the past, as well as other attorneys who know our reputation for excellence.